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The Smart Video Doorbell: Safe, Convenient, Secure

January 31st, 2019

You’re toweling off from a shower. And the doorbell rings. You’ve been waiting for a signature-needed delivery, but you can’t throw clothes on and race downstairs before the delivery person has already left. Sigh. Have you considered installing a video doorbell?


As technology keeps progressing, they are becoming more and more advanced. You might be surprised at the benefits a smart, video doorbell could bring to your life.


What Can A Video Doorbell Do for You?

A video doorbell comes with, you guessed it, a video feed! Most provide quality video, including decent visuals at night. Depending on the hardware you choose, you can look at video feed from the past 24 hours up to the past week if you need to. Today’s video doorbells integrate into an app on your smartphone, which makes it super convenient to check who might be at the door. Someone selling a new electrical supplier? No need to even answer the door. A neighbor’s kiddo looking to come in and play? You know who’s there without having to walk to the door or open it.


It also comes with greatly increased security for your home and family (including the furry family members!). They incorporate motion sensors, clicking on the video recording when motion is sensed in the range of the doorbell. Because of doorbell placement, pointed outward at the property, it has a wider visual range than a security camera which usually just shows the area right in front of the door, instead of the whole property within sight of the doorbell. They also emit a small flash, which implies a security system, deterring dangerous activity.


Along with seeing who’s at the door, you can use two-way communication to speak to them. Through your smartphone, you can ask questions, direct them, or ask them to leave, without moving from wherever you are inside your home. Or, even better, you can check in from anywhere because of the smartphone app. Need to be home to let in a contractor you know and trust? Not anymore. You can check to see who is at the door via the app and (if you have smart device integration) you can unlock the door!


Video doorbells feature smart device integration. You can connect it with a smart lock or with smart lights, and many of them even connect with Alexa or Google Home, which can announce the presence at your door. A video doorbell can even integrate into a complete monitored smart home system – making your home as safe as it can be.


You can receive alerts for any and all features of a video doorbell – every time the motion sensor detects movement, when the doorbell rings, or even to check the door at certain times of the day (to make sure the kids came in from school safely, for example). And the video doorbell can be linked to multiple users.


Smart Video Door BellWhat You Need to Use a Video Doorbell

Most doorbell options need to be hard-wired into your home, similar to your existing doorbell. A few come with battery options instead.


To function as a smart device, the doorbell will need access to WiFi, as will your smart phone to control it via an app. The WiFi signal from your router will need to reach to the doorbell, and you’ll need to be sure your WiFi speeds are great enough, as it can take up a fair amount bandwidth.


Because of the nature of installing a smart device that’s hardwired, it’s best to work with a professional to ensure installation and setup are completed correctly. They can also walk you through basic high points of use and show off some of the features you’ll have access to.


If you’re looking to improve the safety and security of your home, along with drastically increasing convenience and having advanced technology work hard for you, consider installing a video doorbell! And if you’re not handy with pulling electrical wires and knowing which one is the live one and which isn’t, or connecting the device to your WiFi, other smart devices, or your phone, no worries, you can call in a professional from Select SmartHome.


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