The ultimate shopping day of the year is upon us. Consumers everywhere have finished their turkey, taken their evening naps, and headed out into the holiday shopping frenzy we call Black Friday. While you score some awesome deals at your favorite big box stores, make sure you’re paying attention to your surroundings to ensure a safe and pleasant shopping experience. We pulled together some top safety tips for Black Friday shopping.

Be discreet with your cash. A LOT of people will be out today, and some of them may not be the most honest. Keep any cash you have concealed, or choose alternate options to pay for your merchandise. Also, be conscious of who’s standing over your shoulder at the checkout.

Save all of your receipts. Even if you know you are not returning an item, it’s important to hold on to any receipt until you have the chance to check it against your bank account or credit card statement. To stay organized, start a folder or envelope to keep all of your holiday shopping receipts in once place.

Ask for help. You may end up purchasing way more than you can actually carry. Enlist a friend or ask a store clerk to help you carry any items to your vehicle.

Pay attention to your surroundings. When walking to and from your vehicle, look around to see where you are parked, what vehicles or people are around, and make sure you have a safe route walking to and from the store.

Don’t leave items visible in your car. If you are going to multiple stores and leaving items you purchased in your vehicle, make sure you keep them out of sight in your trunk or cover them in your back seat. This will help deter any theft. If you have the opportunity to drop items off at home, it’s a good idea to do so.

Keep pickpockets away. If you’re carrying a purse, make sure you keep it close to your body, and if you have a wallet, keep it inside your coat or a front pocket.

Protect yourself. Most store parking lots should have well-lit areas, but if you are heading out in the dark and you’re unable to secure parking in a lit area, have your key ready for when you are getting into your vehicle. Also, be sure to check in the back seat and around your car before getting in.

Stay hydrated. If you’re out shopping for most of the day, you’ll most likely be doing a lot of walking (and coffee drinking). Make sure you take a water bottle with you to stay hydrated. You’ll feel much better if you do!

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