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Video Analytics for Smarter Security Alerts

September 24th, 2019

Video analytics is the answer for anyone who wants smarter home automation and safety features. Just like door and window sensors that can be used to program home automation like turning on lights, video analytics feature can do the same thing with a virtual tripwire.


By programming virtual views of your camera into zones that are independently named and associated with automation and alerts you can customize your security system to let you know exactly what you want to know, nothing more. You can program alerts based on the size of the object (car, human or animal), the direction of travel, length of time an object remains in the designated zone and more.


Indoor Video Analytics Event Triggers

Not only are video analytics great for home security but can also work extremely well in small business environments. Here are a few examples of how you can use video analytics in both environments.

  • Keep Kids Out of Your Home Office: Have an open floor plan in your home, but have designated your office as area the kids should stay out of? Set up your security camera zone to trigger when any human enters the area, sending a real time alert to your smartphone.

  • Lingering People: Do you have some remote corners and out of the way areas that your employees or customers go to hang out away from your line of sight. Set up triggers so when humans spend more time than necessary in those zones you can be alerted and intervene.

  • Know If Your Pets are Behaving: Are you training the dog to stay off the furniture, but don’t want to be alerted every time your teenager sits on sofa? Set up rules so when an animal is detected in the zone you receive a recorded video alert.

video analytics with real time alertsOutdoor Video Analytics Event Triggers

Remember, your zones are completely customizable, so you get the information that you need. Here are a few examples of how you can use video analytics to increase your home security.

  • Increase Safety by Automating Lights: Set up a virtual tripwire that allows you to automate indoor and outdoor lighting so you and your guests can arrive safely at night. You can also use this feature as a deterrent to would be burglars by automating upstairs indoor lighting that will catch your attention and warn burglars that someone is home, even if you aren’t.

  • Driveway Virtual Tripwire: Know when cars come and go from your driveway by setting up alerts to your smartphone with video clips showing the recorded activity.

  • Lingering People or Vehicles: You may not need to know when your mail is delivered but would like to know if someone is lingering near your front door.

  • Animals Eating Your Garden Vegetables: Trigger smart lights to turn on around your home to scare away your furry thieves that enter the garden zone set for your outdoor camera.

outdoor camera night view video analytics

Don’t get overwhelmed with too many alerts!

Tired of getting alerts every time a car drives by or when an animal walks across your porch at night. If you become inundated with irrelevant alerts you might stop paying attention to them, or even worse, shut them off completely.


But what about that critical time when you should have received that alert to make you aware of a potentially dangerous or costly situation? Make sure you set up zones and triggers to receive only the information that you want and don’t be bothered by your phone vibrating in your pocket through that hour-long meeting with your boss just because the dog was chasing its tail in the living room.



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