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How Your Security System Can Be Your Newest Marketing Tool

February 26th, 2019

Your security is your lifeline when it comes to watching your business, but did you know that your security system can have more of a role than just protecting it? With the analytics behind the camera, your system can read and detect the movements of when people are entering and leaving your property. Analyze customer behavior and use this data as a marketing tool. From there the system can give you analytics on when you have the most foot traffic which will help to make smarter business decisions.


When your system is disarmed throughout the day, our built-in traffic control records the number of trips a zone gets. That zone can be your store’s front entrance where you already have a door contact or any area on your premises where you have installed motion and sensors as part as your burglary system. Wireless sensors make it possible to precisely position – and quickly and easily re-position your detection areas as needed.


The marketing benefits of counting traffic:

Traffic count is important to your business and believe or not can be used as a marketing tool to make smarter business decisions. Traffic count can be used to figure out how many people to schedule at certain times, or when would be the best time to do a sale.


Is it busier for lunch on Tuesday rather than Thursday? Use this data to create promotions to generate the most profits.

Retail Stores:

Are people walking past your prime retail space? Where should you set up that next display of new products? If there an area of your store that gets almost zero traffic? Your retail associated don’t always have time to watch every customer and they probably aren’t keeping notes. Use traffic count as a way to position your highest revenue makers where your customers will see them.

All these decisions could come from the analytics of the foot traffic.


This built-in marketing tool allows you to survey up to 10 different zones to get an accurate reading of traffic in your building. This will help gauge the value of your advertising and promotions, predict staffing levels, and much more. The analytics are pushed to your virtual keypad app, so you can easily review it, wherever you are. With your services, you can download data for a deeper analysis to better understand where the analytics are coming from.


If you want to get the most out of your security system, contact Select Security! We will show you how you can make better marketing and business decisions based on the traffic patterns in your building. Call us today at 877-877-0345.

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