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Hurricane or Natural Disaster Prep

September 13th, 2018

September brings fall and hurricanes. This month is one of the most popular months to see hurricanes and tropical storms hitting the US. In the wake of Hurricane Florence happening, we are reminding you of what you should do before the storm hits. Even if you are not directly in Florence’s path you could still feel the storm through power outages, high winds or even flooding.


Steps to ensure you protect your property and your family:


  1. Stay Notified: Always have updates on the news and local weather via a television, text messages or social media. You can find your state’s emergency social media pages on their website or simply googling them. With some social media sites, especially Twitter, you can get notifications sent straight to your phone when a disaster has occurred. Also, you can always contact your local emergency department to make sure you have all the available tools to stay updated during the storm.
  2. Family Emergency Plan: Do you have multiple family members in the same area? Create an emergency plan for family members to follow. This plan should include phone numbers, a meeting ground after the evacuation. Having a plan will prevent chaos and worried minds.
  3. Trim Landscape: Before the storm, take the time to evaluate your yard and property. If you notice any loose limbs or potential limbs that could come off, take the time to cut them down. High powered wind and rain can cause them to easily break off. Check your neighbors as well.
  4. Go-Bag: Pack all your essentials into one easy transportable bag. Make sure to include water bottles, a change of clothes and extra cash. If the power goes out, that include most ATM’s and gas stations. Using cash will be easier than a card. Also, make sure you pack a list of Emergency contacts to have in case your phone dies.
  5. Stock-Up: Unable to evacuate or leave home? Make sure to take the time to stock up on water, food, and batteries.


Always follow your state’s emergency plan and if you are in an emergency please call 911.


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