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Break In Prevented by Select Security System

June 5th, 2019

There are various reasons for installing a security system at your business location. The main reason is to protect your business assets, especially when you are not there.


Recently, a theft was prevented in Albuquerque, NM at a small business location protected by a system installed by Select Security. This particular robbery was attempted after business hours and the perpetrators used a vehicle to try to enter the premises. Luckily, the security system recorded the activity and was provided to the police as evidence. The business did suffer damages to the property, however all of the inventory was safe.

  • Alarms will scare off intruders
  • Window stickers or yard signs warn would be intruders that the property is monitored
  • Monitored systems will send a signal to the authorities for immediate response
  • Recorded video can be provided as evidence and help identify suspects
  • Receive real time alerts so you know what it happening at your business

More and more, cities and municipalites are requiring that alarm signals be verified with proof of an actual crime taking place before they will dispatch police. Having live video stream that you or your monitoring service can submit will shorten the response time if there is a break in. In certain areas, there are hefty fines for emergency responders being called out for false alarms. Make sure you are aware of your local ordinances and are working with a reliable security company with central monitoring.


By having a security system professionally installed you can be certain that you equipment is properly placed to be as effective as possible. Knowing which equipment will properly communicate with one another and verifying that all connections are strong and encrypted are other key benefits to a professional installed system in your business.


Watch the complete newstory about the theft prevented in Albuquerque, New Mexico: KRQE News



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