On International Women’s Day Select Security is celebrating just a few of our amazing team members. Our job in security is to protect and guide our customers in a safer way of living. Select Security is passionate about making sure our customer’s homes and businesses are safe because they are like a family to us. Many of you meet us out on the field, but some don’t really get to see the people behind the scenes. Security is an industry that not only women are excelling in but shaping our company.

So, today we are highlighting the great women that make this organization complete! Learn about some of the women who make Select Security a better place to work at…


Lindsey Brandon Business Development Manager Select Security

Lindsey Brandon – Business Development Manager

If you live in the Kentucky area you may have seen Lindsey out in the field. She is our Business Development Manager at our Paducah branch. Lindsey has been in the security industry for long as she can remember because her family owned their own security company before she came to Select Security. Her knowledge and experience have become an important way of how she sells.


Q: Who is your female role model?

My mother was a part of the security industry for many years and she has become my role model through the years.

Q: How do you think women can help in the security industry?

Women in the security industry are the minority.  Women bring other perspectives in the work environment.  With both men and women working together in the security industry, we can come up with better solutions for people’s security needs.

Q: How has working in the security industry affected your life?

Growing up with parents who owned their own security business, I paid more attention to the little details everywhere I went.  I always look for a security system in every building I walk into and like to point out all the cameras.  At this point, it is routine for me to notice these types of things everywhere I go.

Q: When you are out in the field, what makes you excited?

I get excited when someone does not put a price on a peace of mind.  I like it when I present a client with a solution and they immediately give me the “go ahead” with the project.  Every customer’s need is different from the next and I like creating the “wow” moment when they realize what they need and like the solution I have come up with.


Dana Roberts Area Sales Manager Select SecurityDana Roberts – Area Sales Manager

Dana is one of our Area Sales Managers for the sales organization. She oversees helping guide the sales team in the Northern Ohio Area. She may be newer to the security industry but has multiple years behind her as a sales manager.


Q: What is the best career advice someone told you?

Ask for help when you need it.  No one needs to get there alone especially when someone has gone there before you.  If you can learn from their mistakes, then you expedite your journey.

Q: Who is your female role model?

One of my most cherished role models is another outside sales manager that I had the privilege of working with in my previous role, Sharon Schafer.  She has had many successful years in sales management.  She selflessly gives of her time and talent to the betterment of my teams and my career.  Sharon offers me invaluable advice and vision.  I would not be where I am today without her mentorship.

Q: How do you think women can help in the Security Industry?

When you are the minority in a situation, it can light a fire inside you to prove yourself beyond expectation.  This promotes individual growth, company success, and visibility to others in that same situation.  As women bring their fresh perspective to a largely male dominated industry, the new view point helps to push the limits for the security industry to be able to save more lives.  That is a win win for everyone.

Q: How does working in the security industry affected your life?

No matter how difficult the day was, I lay my head on my pillow every night knowing that I was a part of protecting people, their families, their loved ones, their pets, and their property. I made a difference in someone’s life.  There are only a select number of professions that have such a profound impact on people’s lives.

Q: What do you think women could bring to your position?

I think culture, camaraderie, and teamwork in any office is essential. While anyone can create that environment, a woman’s natural instinct to nurture helps.  Also, being in outside sales can be lonely. When you are running the roads, it can feel like you are the only one hearing the objections or the overcoming the obstacles in front of you. A woman’s compassion and willingness to listen allows the rep to vent and move on to get on the other side of resistance, which is often great success.

Q: What makes you proud to be in a male dominant industry?

Women and men think differently, that is a great thing that is often undervalued.  We can see things with fresh eyes and challenge prevailing opinions for the betterment of the company.  Change comes so fast anymore that we need to be pushing the limits and thinking outside of the box quicker than ever to stay relevant and on the forefront of the industry.  A diverse workplace promotes creativity and business success.


Synquess Santana Customer Relations Select Security

Synquess Santana – Customer Relations

Synquess is our “superhero” advocate specialist focusing on answering our customer’s questions! She is apart of the customer relations team that focus on stepping in to answer any questions and being the frontline of customer communication.


Q: What makes you proud to be in your position?

Simply being a “superhero” as our department likes to call our Customer Relations Representatives. It is a great feeling knowing after each phone call, the customer is satisfied, and we are helping them protect what matters most to them each day.

Q: What makes your team at Select so great?

We do what we have to do in order to get the job done. Having a positive and supportive team makes work more enjoyable. When you are happy to come to work that happiness is contagious and shows through the amazing customer service we provide to our customers’. We all win!

Q: How has working in the security industry effected your life?

Entering the security industry has provided me a different perspective on security that I will forever be thankful for. I used to think, “I live in a good neighborhood- is a security system necessary and/or worth the money?”. When I think of security now I cannot believe I ever placed a price tag on the security of my possessions and family. The benefits of a security system are endless and overall it provides a peace of mind to my family and I.

Q: How do you think women can help in the Security Industry?

It’s simple, men and women think differently which is completely ok. Women may bring different ideas to the table. Having a well-balanced workplace allows a business to evolve by making space for creativity. Let’s break the status quo and be different…how may we stand out from all the other security companies using different ideas from both men and women? We are seeing more women enter the security industry…this is awesome.


Amy Grimes

Amy Grimes – Service Coordination Supervisor

Amy is our Service Coordination Supervisor that helps coordinate and guide her team to get our techs on the field. Recently she has taken on more of a leadership role here at Select Security. Amy enjoys being much more than just a boss but rather a leader or guide for her team.


Q: What makes you proud to be in your position?

I am honored that my boss saw a leader in me and empowered me to unify, encourage, and organize what I call the Dream Team of Select Security.  Many people see me as a boss but to the team in Service Coordination, I am their leader or guide. In my short time in this position, our team has hit goals never achieved before and seeing their success makes coming to work an absolute pleasure.

Q: Explain why you have an interest in security:

I have always had it in me to serve and protect. There is nothing more gratifying to me when a customer who lives alone feels safe in their home because of the alarm system we provide. Ensuring that the system is working properly and providing them peace of mind is priceless.

Q: How do you think women can help in the Security Industry?

I think any industry, security, public safety has really begun to embrace women in their roles of leadership. Select Security has many strong women in these roles and they are a huge impact in our daily operations.  

Q: Why do you think women should apply to Select?

I think women should apply at Select Security because as a company everyone has a voice. It doesn’t matter what position you hold within the company, I feel everyone matters, and everyone has the opportunity to grow into something greater than they ever imagined. It happened to me when I least expected it.  

Q: How does working in the security industry affect your life?

Being a part of the Security Industry has made me realize how much peace of mind is important in our daily lives, whether it is a residential customer or a commercial fire system in a nursing home.  These systems help protect life.


Ashley Fowler – Human Resources Manager

One of the women who helps lead and inspire these great women is Ashley. Ashley is the Human Resources Manager of Select Security. Ashley helps make up some of the corporate procedures, but also advises the team how to make our company better! She has been a decision maker on the culture of the company and helping new employees see the value of security.


Q: What makes you proud to be in your position?

In my role, I have had the pleasure to see many employees come in as new hires with limited experience and grow within the company at a very rapid pace. It is very rewarding to see our employees excel and move the company forward for continued success.

Q: Why do you have an interest in security?

It is very meaningful to be a part of an industry that provides a sense of protection and safety. While I am not necessarily on the front-lines dealing with our customers, I play a part in supporting those that are. It is amazing to see it in action when we all can come together for a bigger purpose, which is ultimately to keep our homes, schools, and communities safer.

Q: How do you think women can help in the Security Industry?

I feel women have a lot to offer the industry. As natural nurturers, women can have a deep connection with others and put themselves in others’ shoes to come up with the best solution. Women can also bring new ideas and a fresh perspective to shape an industry that is continually growing and evolving.

Q: How does working in the security industry affect your life?

I feel like I have grown up working within this industry, and it has helped shape who I am today. I’m blessed to be a part of something that is so much bigger than me. The world can be a tough place, and the commitment from those in the industry to help make it a better one really means something to me.

Q: Why do you think women should apply to Select?

Working for Select Security offers such a unique experience! There is so much opportunity for growth as well as exposure to so many different areas of the business. Whether you are tech-savvy or want to make a difference to our customers and our communities, the company has a lot to offer.


Thank you to all the powerful, smart women that make up our company. If you are interested in starting your career in the security industry, apply here.