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Select Security Celebrates International Women’s Day

March 8th, 2020

Every year Select Security celebrates International Women’s Day. It’s an opportunity to recognize the need for more women in the industry and the large strides women have already made breaking into predominantly male fields.


Security has become an integral part of the operations for businesses around the globe. The shift to be more IT-centric has helped with diversifying the workforce. New entrants into the industry are bringing fresh approaches and creative ideas that are paving the road to success for the security industry.* You can read the SIA article on the changing role of women in the security industry for more industry insight.


This year we interviewed three Select Security employees to learn a little bit about how they have seen the industry change, who inspires them and their thoughts about what women bring to the industry.

Danielle Murray Each for Equal IWD2020

Danielle Murray – Install/Service Manager


Danielle – Installation/Service Manager

Danielle Murray has transitioned into the role of Installation/Service Manager at our Nashville, TN branch and is one of few females in a technical position. Danielle says it takes confidence to walk into a room filled with men but you need to be  “willing to speak up and know that you have knowledge and experience that is beneficial, and you can help… all of these jobs can be done by either a man or a woman. Don’t assume I don’t know something technical because of my gender”. Danielle is true asset to the team and women like her are what will help bring more gender equality to the security industry.


Linda McGeachy Each for Equal IWD2020

Linda McGeachy – Inside Sales



Linda – Inside Sales

Linda McGeachy was the first woman to join Select Security’s inside sales team in Lancaster, PA but she certainly didn’t let that stop her. Her passion for helping others has led her to exceed sales quotas. As Linda says, women bring the quality of understanding to the table. She doesn’t want to push people into a sale. Linda says, “the sale is not everything, the customer understanding, to me, is everything”. Linda’s advice is to “keep doing what you got to do” and don’t let anything stop you.


Gabby Miller Each for Equal IWD2020

Gabby Miller – Recruiting Specialist



Gabby – Recruiting Specialist

From a recruiting standpoint Gabby Miller says, “I’m never looking at whether you are a man or woman. As long as you have the skills, the experience and the passion”. She would encourage anyone to apply to a position at Select Security if they have a passion for the industry and helping others. When asked what qualities women bring to the security industry Gabby responded by saying that women are known as the protector of the family and “that can also translate into protecting our communities.” As Gabby says, “Times are changing and women are making their mark in the security industry.”




Watch our full International Women’s Day video to see more of our interview with these individuals….






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