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Workforce Development: Careers in the Security Industry, A Compelling Place to Work

June 18th, 2019

A job is a job. But a career is a CAREER. Many individuals refer to their job as a place to be and to collect a paycheck, but here at Select Security our employees are choosing a career. The Electronic Security Association and the Security Industry Association have been developing plans to make sure there is more training, growth opportunities and funding behind the security industry’s workplace development. As a board member of the Electronic Security our President, Steve Firestone, has be an integral part of this initiative.


Select Security Workforce Development

Select Security Training Session for EmployeesAt Select Security workplace development is part of what makes our company a compelling place to work. Here is how we are making our company exceed goals:

  1. Extensive Training: We have been known for our award-winning training program, especially in our operations department. Each team member, no matter what skill level they begin at, can advance their career within Select Security. Our Vice President of Operations designed a unique training process that can lead them from Tier I to Management.

  2. Core Values: Everything we do here at Select Security revolves around our Core Values. We work hard to make sure our company is a compelling place to work, shop and invest. By having every department and individual set goals there is always something guiding us to push ourselves and be more successful.

  3. Future Opportunities: If you didn’t know we have been growing! Select Security doubled our business the past three years. We were recently named the #1 Top Fastest-Growing Security Integrator in the country by a national security trade magazine, which reflects our past 2-3 years of acquisitions and growth.


What does this mean? No matter what your career background is, you can fit right into the security industry. Select Security’s diverse workforce comes from various backgrounds and we actively recruit new team members in the regions that we are located.


National Security Industry Workforce Development

Workplace development is a focus at a national level. The security industry provides rewarding work with strong commitments to our customers and the communities we serve to make them safer.


The security industry workforce development efforts align on three key objectives:

  1. Outreach to schools, colleges and universities to increase awareness about the security industry and the broad range of careers that are available.

  2. Research on the challenges of workforce development and finding possible solutions.

  3. Continuing education programs to help those already in the industry stay current with rapidly changing technology.


When choosing to join the team at Select Security you not only have the support of your piers but are opting for a career in an industry that is committed to growth and advancement in order to retain our talented workforce.


If you are interested in seeking a career change the security industry may be your answer. Click here to learn more about Select Security and our management team. Or visit our job postings to find a position near you.

Read more about the ESA and SIA collaboration on workforce development in the security industry.

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