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Preventing False Alarms: Commercial Customers

October 22nd, 2015

False alarms can be costly, especially for a business. We are committed to helping our commercial customers reduce their false alarms, and the unnecessary strain false alarms can cause emergency officials. Did you know one of the main causes of false alarms is human error? For businesses, this could be employee or vendor error. Simply making sure all users are properly trained and understand how to use the system can go a long way in helping to prevent false alarms.

In order to prevent false alarms at your business, it’s important to first understand the common false alarm causes for commercial systems.

  • Employees not following opening and closing procedures or not receiving the proper training on the system.
  • Using the wrong keypad code.
  • Suppliers and vendors with open access not properly trained on how to use the system.
  • Faulty equipment.
  • Battery failure.
  • Acts of nature such as strong winds or electrical storms.


So how can you reduce false alarms for your business? The following guidelines can help prevent costly false alarms as well as keep your system working properly.

  • Ensure all employees, and appropriate vendors (if applicable), have their own security code and understand how to operate the system.
  • Arrange for regularly scheduled refresher training to ensure everyone knows about system changes or upgrades.
  • Move objects away from motion detectors.
  • Make sure hanging signs and curtains or blinds are not affected by air vents (which could activate motion detectors).
  • If you have a warehouse, instruct forklift operators to avoid striking door sensors and motion detectors.
  • Make sure exterior doors and windows fit tightly in their frames so that strong winds do not cause excessive movement.
  • Review your user list often and advise our secure operation center of any changes. Changes would include adding and updating users and verbal passcodes.
  • Have your system regularly inspected by our service team to ensure that equipment is working properly. If needed, upgrade an old alarm system.


In the event a false alarm does occur, stay calm and call our secure operation center at (877) 877-0345. For questions about Select Security commercial security systems and other safety options, give our sales team a call.

-Jeff Laub
Sales Manager


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