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Questions to Ask When Choosing a New Home Security Provider

July 24th, 2015

Having worked in sales and sales management for over 30 years, I’ve learned consumers like to do their research before making a purchase regardless of the industry, product, or service. As a Sales Manager for Select Security’s Morgantown, WV branch, I’ve found that this industry is no different. Sure you can go online and read reviews or ask around on social media, but when it comes to your personal or business’s safety and security, it’s best to get your questions answered directly from the professionals. I’ve worked for companies both large and small, including one of the largest security companies in the country, and I’ve found (and you will too) that Select Security puts an emphasis on our passion for providing top-notch customer service and our promise to protect our customers, neighbors, and families. Ask these questions to us, and then ask them to the competition. You’ll find the answers to be vastly different.

Here are some of the most common questions I get asked when talking to new customers:

Has the home security company been recognized for excellence in service and customer care?
Service and customer care are two very important aspects of your security provider. If a company is recognized for excellence in both of these areas, you can expect a good experience! We are proud to say that Select Security was named 2014 “Installer of the Year” by Security, Sales & Integration Magazine due in part to its world-class customer care department. We are also recognized by our own customers for the service and customer care experience we provide to them. In fact, because of our constant strive for excellence in service and customer care, we retain our customers at a higher rate than some of the bigger national companies.

How highly is the company rated by its own customers?
Some of our best word of mouth comes from our current customers. In ongoing surveys, 9 out of 10 Select Security customers would recommend us to a family member or friend.

How does the home security company provide system operation training to new and existing customers?
Learning how to use your new security or alarm system can be intimidating. As part of our employee training, our Technical Training Manager ensures our technicians are not only knowledgeable on servicing your system, but also on how to train you to use your new system. For our new customers, you will receive training on your new system at the time of installation with one of our certified technicians. For our existing customers, system operation training can be provided through Select Security’s smartphone app or website by using Select University.

Did the company offer a comprehensive security evaluation to help determine your needs?
Do you know what type of security or alarm system you need? It’s important to have a comprehensive security evaluation on your home or business to help you determine what life safety products you need. We provide our customers with a Home Risk Assessment. This complimentary service builds a safety profile of your home and is used to create your custom Select Security system.

Does the home security company offer written guarantees to back up their work?
Guarantees are important to making sure you’re buying a quality product or service. Ask your security provider if they offer a guarantee, what it covers, and what the time period on the guarantee is. Select Security offers customers 90-day installation and service guarantees. If you are not completely satisfied with the installation or service provided for your Select Security system during the first 90-days, simply notify our Customer Care Department. After we have had the opportunity to correct the issue, if you are not completely satisfied, we will refund your total cost of your system and remove the equipment. If we weren’t confident that our people were proficient, we wouldn’t be able to offer guarantees like this. You can count on the promise we make to do the job right.

How does the home security company use the latest technology to create a more efficient customer experience?
We love technology! That’s why we use the latest technology to create a more efficient customer experience for you. One of our most popular technologies is the Select Security app. Our free smartphone application provides you with the following features: one touch call to reach our Secure Operations Center, account management tools, Select University, remote services, and customer care tools. We also give our customers the option to use the online account management tool to view and pay invoices, set up AutoPay, view open and closed service tickets, and request service 24/7.

Will the company provide you with a photo of your technician prior to their arrivals for installation or service work?
Having unfamiliar people in your home can make you feel anxious or uneasy. A great way to make you feel reassured is by sending an email confirmation of your scheduled installation or service work that includes a photo of your technician. When you schedule an installation or service work with us, we will send you a confirmation email of the appointment and a picture of your technician 48 hours prior to the scheduled service.

Does the  home security company operate its own monitoring center, or does it outsource to a wholesale monitoring company?
Our four monitoring centers are located across the country, each with its own backup generators and system, and networked to provide redundancy. Because they are each on a different utility grid, should a disaster happen in one region of the country, the other centers are still able to operate and take over the increased traffic from the affected area. On a normal day, they are all listening for alarms signals, confirming when signals are real, and providing urgent help to you when you need it.

When researching your new security provider, remember to ask the professionals first. Our entire sales team is more than happy to sit down with you, answer all of your questions, and complete a comprehensive security evaluation to determine your needs. Give us a call at (877) 877-0345 to get started.

-Tim Bianco
Area Sales Manager

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