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What’s Your Scene? Set Up SmartHome Automation

April 19th, 2019

Don’t you wish you could control multiple things with a touch of the button? It seems like a futuristic idea, but it’s not! With our mobile app integration you can control multiple features and devices in your home to fit the mood you want to be in. Group controls of lights, thermostats, locks and electronics by creating custom Scenes. Home automation is right around the corner.

Here are some great examples of Scenes to make your life easier:


Outside Playtime:

Is the weather getting noticeably warmer? Your after-work schedule might be changing to include playtime outside before it gets too dark. To save time, you can quickly tap the “Outside Playtime” scene in your app to turn off the lights, lock the doors, arm your system and set your thermostat to a cooler temperature for when you return home on hot days.

Date Night:

It may be time for you and your special someone’s date night! Luckily, you can turn your home into your dreamy, romantic restaurant! Program your date night scene to quickly dim the lights, lock the doors and turn on the music for your evening in. Surprise your partner with the perfect atmosphere.

Weekend Getaway:

Itching for your next weekend getaway? Before you rush out to your car and down the road, set up your getaway scene! This scene will quickly lock the doors, shut the garage door, turn off the lights and set your temperature to a moderate level to save money and energy. No more stressing if you locked everything for the weekend.

Dinner Time:

How many of you struggle with trying to get your family together for dinner time? With scenes you can easily control multiple areas of the home to focus on the most important one… the dining room. Turn off all video game consoles and TVs, turn on the dining room lights and lock the doors. Family time is now free of all distractions!


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Your custom scenes are perfect for any lifestyle.  If you are interested in learning how scenes can be a part a your new routine, contact Select Security at 844-735-3285, or learn more about Select SmartHome.

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