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Security Resolutions You Should Make For 2018

December 26th, 2017

December is ending, and you know what that means…resolutions! These decisions are usually made up of what we wish we did the year before. Instead of just thinking of the changes you can make for yourself, what about resolutions for your home or business to make it safe and secure?

If you noticed you haven’t been keeping up with safe and secure practices around your home or business, here is your chance to turn it around! Keeping your property safe is a huge way of protecting your assets and personal items. A security system can cover where you put your cameras but by making changes like the list below it will also improve your life as well.

Here is a list of resolutions that you should consider this year:

  1. Smoke/Carbon Monoxide Detector checks: you’d be surprised on how many people never change their smoke detector and carbon monoxide batteries! Make it a point to make routine checkups to ensure your smoke detector and Carbon Monoxide detector are working properly. Checking your Carbon monoxide detectors is important during the winter months because when burning your fireplace or gas heaters, there is more Carbon Monoxide being built up. These detectors can last 6-7 years, but always check the batteries to make sure it’s working properly. January is the highest recorded month for carbon monoxide poisoning.
  1. Conserve Energy: This might be a common resolution every year but make 2018 the year to take control of it! With the features we offer, you can now set up different notifications to make sure you are turning off lights and other electrical sources. You can even set that when you leave the house, your thermostat be turned down. Think of all the money you can save!
  2. Rearranging Landscape: Every year you should try to rearrange your landscape. Whether it be your backyard or in front of your business, rearranging your landscape yearly will be beneficial for your security. Burglars often document and watch closely how your landscape is laid out. Change up flower beds or different yard furniture/ornaments to keep things fresh in your property.
  3. Switch around passcodes and passwords: Every year or even every 6 months you should be changing your access codes for your home and business. This will keep the new codes fresh and new and not belonging to old employees. Besides changing access code identifications, also consider changing your passwords for emails and even work computers to ensure everything is being kept new.


These little but big changes can help secure your home or business, giving you a fresh start to the new year.


What resolutions will you vow to keep for your business and home?

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