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Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

What do our customers think about us?

Our customer love us! But don’t take our word for it. You can find our reviews and recommendations on Google and Facebook. Based on our customer surveys 9 out of 10 customers say they would recommend us to friends and family.


Take Ms. Jones (name changed for privacy) for example who was having an issue with her cameras. Our friendly customer service team and technicians made it easy to schedule a service appointment and correct the issue. She was ecstatic with the support she received and we helped answer all of her questions.


Many of our customers that come to us were previously using outdated equipment and software and we always provide upgrade options that are easy to operate and use more secure and advanced technology.


If I have a question about my account or my security system how can I reach you?

You can call us at 844-735-3285 and our amazing customer support team will be available to help. Often, we can easily answer your questions or troubleshoot issues over the phone. Our hours are Monday-Friday 8am-7pm. You can also complete our online contact form or email us and we will respond the next business day. We look forward to talking to you!


Does the company offer rewards for customer loyalty and referrals?

Yes! We have a great customer referral program. If you refer a friend you can earn $100 of free monitoring services. Click here to learn more.


Does Select SmartHome offer monitoring services? And if so, what kind?

Of course we do! You have more important things to do then self-monitor your system. Our 5 Diamond Certified monitoring stations provide quick, reliable response time to all alarms and panic signals. Our four monitoring centers provide redundant monitoring which means if one station goes down, there are three more dispersed across the country able to provide the same amazing support and response time. Your safety is our top priority!


How does the company handle customer service? Are they available during nights and weekends for emergencies?

Select SmartHome provides 24 hour tech support! If you call after 7pm we will try to resolve the issue over the phone or schedule a technician for the following day if it requires an onsite visit.

Our monitoring centers provide 24/7 service to dispatch authorities in case of emergency.


Can you give me a quote for how much a security system will cost me?

Yes! You can build your own package online today. Start by choosing a base package option and then add on additional equipment, sensors or smart home features. Or give us a call at 844-735-3285 and tell us what you would like to accomplish with your home security system and we will give you a price upfront.


Do I own the equipment provided to me when I sign up with Select SmartHome?

If you sign up for a package like our Select IQ or Connected IQ package, the equipment included in the package is leased and must be returned if you choose to not renew your contract. If your not sure what items need to be returned give us a call at 844-735-3285.


Why do you have to run a credit check?

We run a credit check to ensure that you qualify for the service. We don’t want to put you in a position where you can not continue to make the required monthly payment, which would prevent us from providing the excellent support and emergency response when needed.


How do I make my monthly payment for monitoring services?

We offer convenient automatic withdrawals via credit/debit card or checking account. Why sign up for autopay? Never miss a payment or pay for a stamp. You will never have to worry if your bill is paid on time. Read all of our autopay FAQs below.

Employees and Training

Are your technicians and customer support team trained on the equipment you are installing?

Yes. Our employees go through vigorous hands on product training, webinars, online learning modules. All jobs are quality controlled by their leadership so they get feedback on their craftsmanship and service. We coach them consistently on ways to enhance their interactions and to be product experts.


Are all of the company’s employees pre-screened prior to employment using background and drug checks?

We are! Our priority is the safety of our customers and the communities that we serve so we expect all of our employees to be on the top of their game.


Is Select SmartHome certified?

Yes! Select SmartHome technicians are required to be licensed to install based on their local state laws. In addition, all of our employes are certified by to ensure they are educated on the equipment and can pass that knowledge along to our customers.


How to apply for a job at Select SmartHome?

We are always looking for talented individuals that want to be part of a growing company committed to our employees and our customers. Click here to see all open positions with our parent company, Select Security.

AutoPay Your Bill

What is autopay?

Auto pay is a feature in which you set up a recurring automatic monthly payment for your monthly bill. We automatically withdraw your payment every month using the debit, credit or checking account information provided to us.

Is autopay free?

Yes, setting up auto pay is a convenient way to ensure your bills get paid monthly and it comes at no additional cost to you.

I just enrolled in auto pay. When will my first automatic payment take effect?

During autopay set up, you can decide which day of the month works best for you for the recurring payment. We recommend not picking the last 3 days of the month.

How do I set up autopay?

To set up autopay, simply call us at 844-735-3285 and one of our customer experience specialists can sign you up and choose a date that’s convenient for you. To set this up, we will need a payment method such as a debit, credit card or checking account information.

How do I disable autopay?

To disable autopay, you can call us, and we will gladly remove the recurring payment. There is no charge or penalty to remove yourself from auto pay.


Cancellation Processes and Policies

What happens when I want to cancel my contract?

Do you have a copy of your original agreement? If not, we can provide one for you.

You simply need to notify us in writing and return all of the equipment that was installed in your home. If you are cancelling before the initial agreement has expired, payment arrangements for unexpired months must be made prior to your account being cancelled.


Why do I have to give 60-days’s notice?

During that time, we must receive all equipment installed in your home to ensure it is not still active and sending signals to our monitoring center. During this 2-month period, monthly service fees are payable and auto-pay will be cancelled at the 60-day notice period. However, the faster we receive the equipment back the faster we can process your cancellation and stop billing.


Why does my notice have to be written?

Select Security needs proof that it is indeed you who are cancelling the security system services, and not someone else.


What forms of written notice do you require?

We accept an email with your name, address, city, state, zip code and customer number with the subject “Please Cancel My Service.” The email address that the cancellation request comes from must be the email address that we currently have on record for you.

We accept a written letter from the address that we currently have on record from you, requesting service cancellation.


What if I don’t use/have/remember the email address that you have on record?

If this occurs, your request will be escalated to the Customer Support Supervisor on duty, or to the General Manager.


After my cancellation has been confirmed, what do I do with my old security system?

You must remove the equipment and ship it to our office. Please use the following address:
ATTN: Select Security
241 N Plum St. Lancaster, PA 17602


What if I don’t return my equipment?

Failure to return equipment will result in being billed $350.00 for the cost of the equipment.

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