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Frequently Asked Questions

Moving Your Security System

What if I am moving homes and want to take my security system with me?

If you are relocating, please give us 30-days’ notice prior to doing so. To make the move as easy as possible for you, we have several moving options to fit your needs.


What are my options for moving and reconnecting an existing AlarmForce system?

Depending on how old and what model the existing system is, we may be able to move and reconnect it. Please call us at 1-844-735-3285 for more information.


Which existing AlarmForce security systems will you move?

We will move the 2 GIG and Legacy systems with full service under certain conditions:

  • The move must take place during the term of the original term of their agreement (first 36 months).
  • The customer must be active with no past-due balance.
  • Select Security needs to identify ALL equipment we are moving prior to discussing the cost of any move.
  • Any new devices are to be charged for (and paid by credit card).
  • We must perform the de-installation / re-installation on the same day.
  • The new location must be within 30 miles of the original installation.
  • All equipment must be functioning at the old location before de-installation.


Will you reactivate an existing system that is at my new address?

We will reactivate an existing system that is located at a cancelled address for a NEW customer under these conditions:

  • The system is a 2 GIG or a newer system
  • Customer allows us to come to the house, train all users and perform a full system test and inspection.
  • Customer agrees to sign a service agreement at the old rate.

We will NOT reactivate an existing system that is located at a cancelled address for a NEW customer if:

  • The system is an AlarmForce Legacy system originally installed before 2016


For more information, please call Customer Support at 1-844-735-3285.


Cancellation Processes and Policies

What happens when I want to cancel my AlarmForce contract?

Do you have a copy of your original agreement? If not, we can provide one for you.

Select Security/AlarmForce US Division requires a 60-day written notice of your cancellation. These terms are on all AlarmForce Subscriber Agreements.

You simply need to notify us in writing and return all of the equipment that was installed in your home. If you are cancelling before the initial 36-month agreement has expired, payment arrangements for unexpired months must be made prior to your account being cancelled.


Why do I have to give 60-days’s notice?

During that time, we must receive all equipment installed in your home to ensure it is not still active and sending signals to our monitoring center. During this 2-month period, monthly service fees are payable and auto-pay will be cancelled at the 60-day notice period. However, the faster we receive the equipment back the faster we can process your cancellation and stop billing.


Why does my notice have to be written?

Select Security needs proof that it is indeed you who are cancelling the security system services, and not someone else. These terms are on the agreement you originally signed with AlarmForce when your system was installed.


What forms of written notice do you require?
We accept an email with your name, address, city, state, zip code and AlarmForce customer number with the subject “Please Cancel My Service.” The email address that the cancellation request comes from must be the email address that we currently have on record for you.

We accept a written letter from the address that we currently have on record from you, requesting service cancellation.


What if I don’t use/have/remember the email address that you have on record?
If this occurs, your request will be escalated to the Customer Support Supervisor on duty, or to the General Manager.


After my cancellation has been confirmed, what do I do with my old security system?
You must remove the equipment and ship it to our office. Please use the following address:
ATTN: Select Security / AlarmForce US Division
241 N Plum St. Lancaster, PA 17602


What if I don’t return my equipment?
Failure to return equipment will result in being billed $350.00 for the cost of the equipment.


What if I am still within my initial AlarmForce contract term and wish to cancel?

Per the AlarmForce Service Agreement, customers who wish to cancel before their initial term expires must pay the remaining months left on their agreement. This is calculated by multiplying your monthly monitoring cost by the number of months you have left in your contract.

(if you are unsure of the number of months you have left in your contract, please call us at 1-844-SELECT-5).


The Alarm Force Subscriber Agreement was signed at the beginning AlarmForce service, and is included here for easy review.

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