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Because protecting your home shouldn’t be complicated.


Imagine a world where your home works for you, providing you with anywhere control and uncovering simple ways you can reduce your energy usage based on your lifestyle.


That vision of an interconnected home life is what drove us to create the Select SmartHome. Using the strong relationships we’ve built with some of the most forward thinking manufacturers in the industry, we sought out the best in home security, safety, and convenience options. Plus, each Select SmartHome comes complete with complimentary access to our award-winning customer care, mobile app for anywhere control of your home, and security monitoring provided through our network of redundant secure monitoring centers.


Home Awareness & Control

We’re setting a higher standard for reliable security and outstanding customer service.

Indoor Camera

Peace of mind is easier when you can see what is happening at home as it is happening. View high quality live and recorded footage on your computer or mobile device anywhere, anytime.

  • High definition 1080p WIFI video
  • View live from your smartphone
  • Two-way voice to talk to those at home
  • HD night vision
  • Remote pan-tilt capabilities
  • Easily move it to anywhere in your home

Smart Thermostat

Easily set up programming to automate your home temperature control or
adjust your home's temperature on the
fly using your smartphone or

  • Manage heating and cooling costs
  • Simple-to-use programming interface
  • Remotely adjust temperature based on changing conditions
  • Optimize your heating/cooling costs over time

Flood Sensor

Undetected leaks hold the potential for significant and costly damage. Detect the presence of water at the first sign with our flood sensor and take steps before serious damage occurs.

  • Install at the base of water heaters, washing machines, sinks, and more
  • Receive alerts via text message or email
  • Great for vacation homes
  • Monitor out-of-the way spaces with ease

Smart Lights

This dimmable LED lightbulb also extends your Z-Wave mesh network, enabling more devices to connect to your system. Easy to pair and long lasting, its the best way to turn every light socket into a “smart” light.

  • Wirelessly control the bulb from anywhere
  • Extends mesh network, enabling more devices to connect to system
  • Integrates with system to allow creation of preprogrammed “scenes”

Secondary Keypad

With an additional touchscreen keypad, you will have even more control over your home’s security.

  • Full color device, intuitive interface
  • Built-in disarm camera
  • Easy to use one-touch home and emergency navigation
  • Hang on a wall use as portable tablet for system alerts anywhere in your home or garage

Appliance Controller

Our appliance module was created for simple plug and play use with small appliances, such as coffee makers, curling irons, televisions, almost anything that uses a common household outlet.

  • Simple plug-and-play use
  • Manage outlet power status remotely from smartphone or computer
  • Improve safety and save money

Security & Life Safety

We’re setting a higher standard for reliable security and outstanding customer service.

Doorbell Camera

Install your first doorbell or replace your existing one and connect it to your SmartHome control panel for instant notifications when strangers ring the bell or when video analytics detects activity based on custom triggers. The new touchless doorbell feature allows your visitors to ring the bell just by standing in front of the door – no contact required.

  • Answer door from your phone with 2-way voice communication
  • Monitor front-porch activities and deliveries with an improved, extended view camera
  • Video analytics rapid people detection means fewer false alerts

Smart Lock

Increase the security of your home with the addition of smart door locks to your home security and automation system.

  • Keyless technology, manage door locks from your phone
  • Remote unlock for receipt of deliveries, known guests
  • Programmable for limited access based on time and code
  • Check and manage lock status remotely

Glass Break Sensor

With a 360° listening range, our glass break detector alerts you when someone has attempted to bypass the window and door sensors by breaking the glass. Once activated, our central monitoring stations are alerted via your control panel of a possible emergency.

  • Monitors for the sound of breaking glass
  • Effective within 20’
  • Wall or ceiling install
  • Tamper protected

Smoke/Heat Detector

Proven to reduce damage, death, and injuries from fire, our smoke detectors integrate with your Select SmartHome and provide not only the familiar in-home siren, but also wirelessly connect to our network of monitoring centers, improving response time.

  • 24×7 monitoring, in all arming statuses
  • Photoelectric smoke-sensing technology
  • Detect and alert on large temperature changes
  • Email and text alert options

Carbon Monoxide Detector

Tasteless, odorless, and invisible; carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning claims hundreds of lives a year. Boost your home’s safety profile by pairing this easy to install Carbon Monoxide (CO) detector with your Select SmartHome control panel.

  • 24×7 monitoring, in all arming statuses
  • Receive email or text alerts if carbon monoxide gas exceeds safe limits

Pet Immune Motion Sensors

Included in every Select SmartHome system, our motion detectors use infrared sensors to detect movement in areas with multiple entry points, common areas, or paths between rooms (like hallways and stairways).

  • Pet immune up to 40 lbs.
  • Detects motion using infrared heat sensors
  • Security coverage up to 35’ in open area
  • Supports home automation like automatic light control

Window/Door Contact

Every Select SmartHome system starts with 3 of these compact and discrete sensors, designed to ensure the security of your home and enable key smarthome functions.

  • Compact and wireless design, sensors notify you when doors, windows or even drawers are opened
  • Combine sensor status with other Smart devices to automatically adjust lights, temperature and more

Outdoor Camera

Now its easy to check up on the kids, your pets and valuables, and see what’s actually happening in the event of an alarm.

  • Live streaming
  • Smart clip capture with secure cloud storage
  • Instant video alerts
  • Continuous high definition recording


Easily arm and disarm your system remotely with this simple four-button wireless controller. Easy-to-program and compact, it makes managing your alarm status a breeze and does not require the use of a smartphone or online app.

  • Arm and disarm your system remotely
  • Easy-to-program

Panic Button

This one-button panic alert provides an added measure of security for those who may have limited mobility or require additional support.

  • One touch alert for emergency initiation
  • Great for elderly or those with medical conditions
  • Wear as a lanyard or watch
  • Transmits from up to 100’ from the panel
  • Water resistant housing
  • Program to trigger security alert

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