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Six Important Questions for Choosing the Best Security Provider for your Business

August 3rd, 2018

There are a lot of things you should consider when picking a security system for your business. Not only are you trying to protect your employees but you also need to protect your property and assets. If you are not knowledgeable about security systems, that is okay! We are giving you the top seven questions to ask when choosing a security system. Just remember, the most important part about picking a system is that do you trust them with your business and do you feel safe?

Here are the most important questions when deciding on a security system:

How will your system withstand a burglar?

When choosing a security system, not only do you need to make sure it works in your home and lifestyle but also how you think it will withstand a burglar. Imagine yourself as the burglar, are there certain pieces of the system you can see getting broken. More importantly, think about the actual connection. If a crash & smash does happen, what will happen to the system? Will it completely shut down? Make sure that you are choosing a system backed on a cloud network, that way if the panel does crash, it already sent a signal to the monitoring center.

What type of monitoring service do they offer for your system?

Choosing the right system is important, but so is choosing a monitoring service. When asking what type of monitoring systems, they have, make sure to see if they have a professional service to monitor it. When an emergency happens, the signal should get sent to the monitoring center where a human would decide if there need to be officers involved. Some companies don’t always guarantee a monitoring center or it is outsourced to another monitoring center.

If the security system breaks; what happens?

Another question to ask is how your system will get fixed if there is a problem. Will you have to send it into the company? We have many technicians that will come out if you have a problem or question with your system. Another thing you should ask is if they have any way of showing who your technician will be before they arrive.

Does the security system have more options than just monitoring?

Security providers most likely will offer you basic items like a panel or camera but what about the more secret products? See if there are more features it comes with like access controls and sensors. This could be beneficial to make your company work as a complete whole. Ask about what other services come with your security system.

Can I integrate my devices with the security system?

Now that smart devices are getting integrated with each other, does this security system give you the option to do that? With our systems, you get the option to integrate our services into your smart device. This is for easy access to quickly lock a door or shut off lights you may have forgotten when closing. This new feature has been one of the sought-out things for security technology. You can also integrate with your Alexa or anything you have laying around the office.

Do they offer a written guarantee?

A written guarantee is a document from the company stating that if you are not fully satisfied with your recent installation you can get your money back. Make sure they have some kind of form so that way you can get the most for your money. You should be able to make sure it works with your lifestyle and the service you receive meets your standards.


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