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Smart Business

More than just security - bringing you more awareness about your business.

Smart Business<br/>Awareness

Smarter Business Video Solutions


Our easy to use small business video solutions are great for single and multi-location businesses. Wireless security technology that can grow with your business. Easily add on more cameras as you need them.

  • Stay informed with real time non-alarm alerts of business activity
  • Live video feeds can be accessed directly on your smartphone or computer
  • Video analytics features allow you to set customizable triggers for important areas
  • Smart business insights available with daily, weekly or monthly reporting


Small Business Video Analytics

We understand how important it is to be aware of what is happening at your business. With video analytics packages you can set up virtual trip wires that will alert you in real time when people or vehicles enter certain areas inside or outside your business location.

Only receive the critical alerts you need to keep your business operating smooth and secure.

Safely and easily store your video clips in the cloud and access clips related to sensor activity with the click of a button. It's never been easier to find the video you need. Your video cameras allow the central monitoring station to verify alarms on your behalf in case of an incident.

Protect your business inside and out with WiFi security cameras that can be placed strategically around your business to cover the most critical areas like doors, cash registers, storage rooms and restricted areas.

Indoor and Outdoor Video Security Cameras

Easy to install WiFi security cameras means you can increase your awareness in no time! You can also expand your network of security cameras by simply adding on more devices. As your business grows or new concerns arise adding on additional security equipment is hassle free.

Our professional installers will make sure the placement of cameras and other smart devices will give you the maximum coverage to give you the peace of mind you deserve.

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