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SMB Security: Why It Matters

November 19th, 2018

During Small Business Day, we are celebrating and support the many small businesses that make up our communities. Whether you are a one-person team or a twenty-person team your business is still important to the health of our economy and just because you are ‘small’…it doesn’t mean you can’t benefit from tactics that big businesses use to keep their operations running efficiently. There is much more to just securing your building, you need to protect your employees and inventory. Our Smarter Business Solutions can integrate data and analytics-based technology that can help you design your business to better serve your customers.

Here is why you should consider security for your small business:

  1. Safety: Often when you are managing your shop you may be alone. Know that with a security system you are always being monitored even when you aren’t watching. Be confident in knowing if you need to run to the back of the building you can without shoplifters or an intruder entering. Your security system will be able to monitor your employees leaving for the day and safely getting to their car or pickup destination.
  2. Inventory Control: Have you ever arrived at work and noticed that someone forgot to shut the door all the way now your product is ruined? Inventory is what sets up your business for success. Set up specific notifications when doors or rooms are left open, temperature rises too high or deeps too low. Know exactly the moment it happens. These notifications will be sent right from your device, so you can report to the responsible party. Another way you can control your inventory is locking specific rooms and have notifications sent to you when someone accessed it when they shouldn’t have.
  3. Employee Control: Whether you are a smaller team or larger team, you may have an employee base that has an unusual schedule or has limited employment like college students or retired people. Our systems let you have more control when you are not there. Give your employees their own unique code to let them enter when they are scheduled to, or if they pick up a shift let them in.
  4. Save Money: Many found that with the option to oversee temperatures in different rooms at any time, they were able to control how their building operates. Holiday? Set your temperature back so that way no one is in the store, there won’t be any heating.
  5. Business Insights: The best part of having a security system is having business insights. Business insights are the analytic feature to a security system. Business Insights give you a report of when you are the busiest by foot traffic, which can help you better schedule your staff. Business Insights also let you see when your shop is being opened and closed, but also which user code is doing so.


With all these reasons and options, it might be hard to imagine your type of business being successful with smarter and better technology of security. Know that with our expertise in the different industries, we will be able to customize your security into something that fixes your common problems and turn it into something you can manage and control.

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