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The Ultimate Security Gift Giving Guide

December 3rd, 2018

Happy Holidays! No matter where you are located, holiday presents and gift giving might have come across your mind. As shopping is happening you might be finding a way to outdo yourself this year and find the most creative item on the market. Have you ever considered gifting a security system to turn their home into a Smart Home? A security system can help a loved one no matter what the age is. Our security features can benefit your family or loved one by making life more convenient for them or even you. Check out our gift guide to see how your friends and family can benefit using their gifted Smarthome:


For the Busy Bee’s: Have a friend/family member who is constantly on the go? Our system is perfect for this individual.  With security they will be able to control everything about their home from their device. Our app integrates with their system to let them control at any time. This is perfect if this person is traveling for work, works odd hours or is just never quite home. Some features they can access on the app is a live feed camera and notifications if someone steps in their backyard or front porch, quickly adjusting the temperature to save money on energy bills, and to turn off lights and on lights. This is a great way to create an illusion that they come home more often than not.

For the New Puppy Parents: It may not be a baby, but a new fur baby might have joined your friend’s family. A puppy is a lot like having a new baby, in that you need to watch them closely. Gift your friends with a new security camera! These cameras integrate with their device that way they will receive notification if their puppy escaped their cage or jumped up on a couch. Always have a live feed of the camera to check and see if they are okay during the day or even a bad storm. Being able to see the puppy whenever they want will be relieving and will let them still enjoy their everyday activities.

For the Families: Is one of your family members in the stage of building their family? A security system is a perfect gift for them! With our Smarthome, they will be able to gift them cameras to be able to watch their newborns and little ones running around. They will be able to set up specific notifications when an area is opened, like a pool gate or even a garage/workshop shed. This will help create more safety in the household. For the older kids, they will be able to set up notifications to know when they left the house or arrived home from school.

For your Elders: Your loved one may be getting older and a little wiser but that doesn’t mean sometimes forgetfulness can happen. If you have someone you wish you could watch a little more closely, our security system is perfect for that. With our wellness features, we will help you design a perfect solution to keep track of if they haven’t opened their medicine cabinet or even if they didn’t get up out of bed. This wellness feature gives them the ability to be independent while you are always notified if something is unusual.


These are just some of the features they can take advantage of. Do you have some people in mind that you would like to gift a Smarthome? Give us a call before the holidays end! 877-877-0345, opt. 4

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